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About Norma and Mayer Law

Serving Calgarians since 1991

Norma C. Mayer has been practicing law since her graduation from the Faculty of Law at the University of Alberta in 1991.

Her practice areas include personal injury – motorcycle accidents, auto accidents, truck accidents, slip and falls (premises liability) - and trial. Ms. Mayer has always been devoted to assisting those in need. She is compassionate and hardworking, yet assertive when fighting for the rights of clients who have been injured due to careless, negligent acts of others. She is able to dedicate the care, skill, and time that her clients deserve.

Ms. Mayer has always been dedicated to serving the community through her profession, and she works diligently to build relationships with each and every client she represents, ensuring that she is giving them the personalized service they deserve.

Do not hesitate to contact a lawyer immediately following an accident, as many personal injury claims and the laws surrounding them are complex.

When it comes to hiring a lawyer, choosing the right lawyer helps to ensure that you
obtain the results you deserve. By hiring Norma C. Mayer, you can find comfort in knowing that your personal injury lawyer is there to fight for your rights and litigate your claim.

Please reach out if you have any questions regarding your car, truck, or motorcycle accident, or slip and fall. Ms. Mayer looks forward to working with you and the opportunity to recover the compensation you and your loved ones deserve.

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