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Brain Scan

Brain Injury Lawyer Alberta

If you've been in an accident, and may have sustained a brain injury, Mayer Law can help.

Brain injuries can be particularly serious, ranging from a concussion, or a “mild traumatic brain injury”, to severe injuries that can result in disability or even death. If you or a loved one has been in an accident and may have experienced a brain injury, get immediate medical help.

Every brain injury carries a risk of permanent physical, cognitive, social, emotional, and behavioral symptoms. These risks pose serious implications to returning to life as it was before and can compound the trauma of experiencing an accident. While injuries may seem mild in the moment due to shock or adrenaline, acting swiftly to get medial attention is your number one priority. Seeking legal assistance is second.

Mayer Law works with Albertans who have sustained brain injuries due to motor vehicle accidents, motorcycle accidents, bike accidents, slips and falls, and more. Ms. Mayer is compassionate and wants to lighten the burden of recovering compensation fairly owed to you, especially to cover the costs of medical treatment, rehabilitation, loss of income, or other considerations.

Acting swiftly in these cases is paramount to your successful claim, as evidence must be preserved, and limitations must be observed. Don’t wait until you must act, be pro-active to ensure the financial support you need is there when you need it. Contact Ms. Mayer today for a free consultation to explore your case and find a path forward.

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How to Get Started

Get started with Mayer Law through the step-by-step engagement process, which explores the client-representative fit, moves forward only through mutual engagement, and begins the work to recover compensation.

Step 1: Initial Consultation

The initial consultation stage is the first meeting with Norma from Mayer Law. We'll explore your case on a surface level, get to know you, and determine if your case, and our personal connection are a good fit.

Step 2: Mutual Decision to Engage

If our initial consultation presents an opportunity to recover compensation, and both parties agree there is a personal connection and fit, a formal engagement package will be presented and we will make a mutual decision to engage.

Step 3: Mayer Law Goes to Work

Collection of documents, research, and building a case for proceedings begins. This step is urgent and important in preserving evidence and building a complete case for recovering what is owed to you. 

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